Saturday, October 31, 2009

Flesh Colored Canvas

I've been working on this collage for the past several weeks. It's based on one of the songs recorded by, Dead Confederate, my son's band. The song, written by bass-player, Brantley Senn, is called 'Flesh Colored Canvas'. It's a very emotional piece which was largely inspired by the paintings of Jackson Pollock. The imagery from Brantley's lyrics was the dominate force behind my painting both figuratively and literally. Brantley's handwritten lyrics are actually collaged into the piece along with a small 'portrait' of Jackson Pollock and a set of bass guitar strings!! Thanks Brantley, for allowing me to 'illustrate' your song!

Flesh Colored Canvas' - by Brantley Senn

My vision's still blurred by the tricks that you turned,
I danced and fell back.
I laid open-eyed drinking heart wine,
Soaking in all that I lacked
A lover accused of standing abuse, then
Turning and running the track
A pawn in the game that muses had made
Somehow I always attract

Tainted and twisted, my drinks double-fisted
Aiming the path at a crash
Killing the time painting teeth with red wine
Spitting color to your back
A Pollock-like painting that don't keep you waiting
The feeling bleeds out of a gash
Your cutting won't peel, the washing won't heal
The meaning however abstract
This is how I changed my mind

A quick stroke of black on a
Flesh colored canvas
Emoting the sympathy left
Seven strokes red aiming ends at your head
Each for a sacrifice met
Dark blue blurs on the ends of your curves
The sadness you caused and I kept
I tie it all in with a solid gold pen
A frame to make sure it's felt

The medium bleeds but at least you can see
A mirror can reach to your back
It reminds you of me and what I stand to be
With obvious subtle attack
Lay on your side so it lasts a lifetime
Learn from this simple abstract
The painter is gone and now you stand alone
Gone with the tip of my hat
This is how I changed my mind

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